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Happy 81st birthday!

Myrtice had a happy 81st birthday today. She's feeling good and has been getting lots of visitors and buyers. She's had a great year, with her paintings in two major exhibitions. "White Throne Judgment" (and the reverse painting, "Mother of Harlots") from the Revelations Series will continue to tour the US with the show "Revelations and Reflections of American Self-Taught Artists" through August, 2005. The show will have been presented at 15 venues when it's finished. The University of Memphis Art Museum included four of Myrtice's major works in "Coming Home! Self-Taught Artists, the Bible, and the American South." Curated by Carol Crown, who edited Wonders to Behold: The Visionary Art of Myrtice West, the show will tour the U.S. through August, 2005. In addition to "Daniel Chapter 2," the show included three paintings from the Revelations Series: "Satan Takes Over" (now in the collection of Bob Roth), "Christ Returns as Church Gets Ready," and "Christ and Bride Coming into Wedding." The University Press of Mississippi published a catalog of the show in the fall of 2004. Other prominent artists in the show include Howard Finster, Gertrude Morgan, Elijah Pierce, and William Blayney.




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